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 Sand Sculpture9/5/2007

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Little Pickers Stage

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johny Irion

Hillside Stage

Nora Guthrie at Mays Pit


Anna giving out autographs?

Nora giving autographs

Johny and Anna


Sarah Lee and Johny at the Cabin Stage

Sarah Lee and Johnny at the Cafe Stage

Eliza Gilkyson at the Cabin Stage

The Mammals backstage

Conversation with the Seegers

Singing out in the Merle Mall

The flea circus

VIP Backstage entrance

The Ditty Bops

Watson Stage for This Land

There's Anna!

Just look at the cute kids singing This Land

Tao and Pete Seeger at the Little Pickers Stage

Pete is looking for me!

The massive crowd

Bela Fleck

Pete Closing the Venue

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Displaying 1 to 65 of 66Page: 1

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